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Ceilings & Partitions

  • Saint Gobain
  •   Gypboard®/Gyproc® gypsum plasterboards are the ultimate lining solution for today's buildings, providing high levels of performance in terms of fire rating, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, moisture resistance and impact resistance to create modern internal environments that offer comfort and safety for occupants.
       The high quality gypsum based products offer superior aesthetically inspiring solutions for walls, ceilings, lift shafts,staircase walls and corridors in buildings as diverse as residential, schools, hospitals, industrial offices, cinemas and hotels.
       Gyproc® is the brand of specialist high performancegypsum boards with value added boards for applications like fire, acoustics, moisture, impact and thermal resistance.

  • Armstrong
  • General Applications :   Find acoustic ceilings that are recommended for almost any project, unless special performance is required.
    Special Performance :  These ceilings are recommended for use in areas where noise reduction, light reflectance, fire protection, sag resistance, durability performance may be required.
    Designer / Accent Ceilings :   Create various visual effects with a choice of images offered by Cirrus Themes.

  • Anutone
  •   Anutone® is India’s foremost technology company in the building materials sector for walls and ceilings in commercial interiors. Anutone is also into architectural acoustics and industrial noise management apart from magnesia-based boards. Anutone has advanced, innovative, application-oriented, techno-commercially superior products, systems, solutions and services based on American standards & Euro norms for Asian conditions at Indian values! 

    Anutone´s principal body of work relates to commercial interiors with a speciality emphasis. Walls/Ceilings is all about factory-finished, lab-certified interior systems with every kind of surface finish and core content for any kind of architectural space. Not only that. Anutone can customise the factory-finished products for bespoke designs. This is the USP of Anutone.  The latest product is Tufbloc drywall partitions that are highly water, fire and impact resistant. 

    From acoustics modelling and computer simulation with Bruel&Kjaer’sOdeon, that aid architects in their quest for perfect design including listening to spaces even before they are built, to validation of sites with Breul&Kjaer’s acoustic instrumentation, Anutone straddles the acoustics value-chain end-to-end.
    Anutone’s Noizkon programme enables noise/vibration mitigation and management for community spaces and industrial facilities. Anutone in association with Kinetics USA offers ‘passive’ noise/vibration control systems and in association with Silentium Israel ‘active’ noise/vibration control systems.

    Anutone´s 360 degrees approach extends to :

    • Offices – BPOs, ITeS, software tech parks
    • Performing spaces – multipurpose auditoria, sports stadia 
    • Entertainment – retail malls, cinema multiplexes, night clubs
    • Education – classrooms, lecture halls, training centres 
    • Healthcare – hospitals, alternative therapy centres
    • Hospitality – hotels, convention centres
    • Public spaces – assemblies, council halls, galleries
    • Worship places – churches, mosques, temples
    • Small venues – home theatres, listening rooms, studios
    • Transport – rail/road corridors, airports, stations
    • Industrial – mechanical services, light & heavy
    • Residential – high-rises, individual houses

  • Allied Products

    1. Hilux Calcium Silicate boards
    2. Shera Panels
    3. Insulation products
      1.  Glasswool
      2.  Rockwool
    4. Aerocon & Everest Partition Panels