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Since the time when the company invented laminate floors in 1977 and created a new type of flooring material, PERGO® has become one of the world’s best known and trusted flooring brands. Pergo’s inventions are protected throughout the world by nearly 500 granted patents and pending patents.

Pergo was the company that actually invented the laminate floor 30 years ago and we have been refining its sensational properties ever since. The patented surface layer called TitanX Surface™ is one example of the unique features that make a PERGO® floor almost impossible to wear out.

Pergo’s assortment of laminate floors for 2012 is divided into three design categories: Inspired by Wood, Inspired by Minerals and Trends. Find the right floor for your needs in one of our four quality levels:


FunderMax – “For people who create” Whether it is a matter of furniture, facades or interior fittings, FunderMax is always to be found at the interface between ideas and materials. We understand architects, processors and the furniture industry – as well as the genuine decision-makers: your customers.

Bal Endura

ARDEX ENDURA (INDIA) Pvt Ltd is a joint venture between ARDEX GmbH, Germany and Prism Cement Limited, India. ARDEX ENDURA manufactures and sells e.g. tile fixing adhesives, flooring products, water proofing and concrete repair products and is regarded as the leading provider of high-quality construction material in the Indian market. ARDEX ENDURA has plants at Bangalore, Karnataka and Baroda, Gujarat and 28 branches across the country.


We at sia-mozart - believe to encompass widest range of varied needs & applications of our esteemed patrons. We have established a very strong hold in numerous ranges of products–as required by our patrons & clients as per their usage specifications.

Public Extreme

Unrivalled wear resistance & Outstanding Durability for the most demanding public environments

Class 34,AC-6,Lifetime Residential Guarantee

Original Excellence

For handling high wear public environments, or home environments with very high wear

Class 23/33,AC-5,Lifetime Residential Guarantee

Living Expression

For handling high wear public environments, or home environments with very high wear

Class 23/33,AC-5,Lifetime Residential Guarantee

Domestic Extra

Withstands normal wear in home environments.

Class 23/32,AC-4 ,20Yrs guarantee

Family & Universal

Suitable for normal residential use.

Class 23/31,AC-3,10Yrs Residential Guarantee

A laminate floor from Pergo offers you the perfect combination of beautiful design and extreme wear resistance. The floor continues to look new day after day, month after month, year after year.

Take a close look. You won’t find a trace of those New Year’s celebrations, pets, children’s birthday parties, dropped glasses or moved tables. That’s why Pergo’s laminate floors are the most worry free floors you can own. And that’s why we can guarantee them for up to 50 years.

Plus, we continuously develop new, creative decors, surface textures and formats to capture new trends or intensify the feeling of authentic wood floor or genuine ceramic tiles. All in order to help you create even more personalised and distinctive floors.


Kährs invented Engineered Timber Flooring in 1941. The company has been an inventor and innovator through out its 150 years of existence and was also the first to have introduced factory-finished timber Floorings ready to be installed without any mess of polishing and finishing at site. The latest offerings are very easy to install and come with warranties of upto 30 years.

With more than 200 shades to choose from with variety ranging from 7mm to 20mm , Kahrs is the only brand in Indian market to provide such a large variety of floors maintaining constant supplies along with unmatched quality and service.


Kahrs Supreme

Kährs Supreme is a range of strikingly beautiful floors in three unique collections, with focus on design and expression.. Kährs Supreme is made especially for our most discerning customers.Thickness upto 20mm with surface layer varying from 3.5mm-6mm offering 30 Yrs of Warranty.

Kahrs Original

Kährs Original is the widest range of wood floors offered by Kährs. Kährs Original is renowned worldwide for its high quality and flexibility. It is constructed using the Kährs patented parquet technology, with three separate layers with a total thickness of 15 mm. The surface layer is 3.5 mm thick offering 30 yrs warranty, allowing floor to be sanded up to four times – and letting several generations enjoy the beautiful floor from Kährs.

Kahrs Spirit

Kährs Spirit offers a range of beautiful 1-strip floors in various tones and wood species. The total thickness is 10mm ;surface layer of 2mm offering 20Yrs warranty.

Kahrs Linnea

A stylish 7mm thk wood veneer floor, which uses Kährs’ patented three-layer ‘parquet’ technology. Designed primarily for use in the home, Linnea is durable, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Linnea is also ideal for areas where a thicker floor would be difficult to lay - and it’s pocket-friendly too. 12yrs limited warranty

Kahrs Activity floor

Kährs Activity Floor is 30 mm thick and includes an extra layer compared with our Kährs Original and Kährs Linnea ranges. This fourth layer is an absorption layer, using several layers of polyethylene and polyether which provide the flooring with the correct energy absorption qualities.